The core asset for this business segment is Rodina, OJSC
located in the Kanevsky and Pavlovsky districts of the Krasnodar region:

5 State-of-the-Art Dairy Farms
 equipped with Afi Farm monitoring
systems, featuring online central management

12 100 Head of Cattle

Annual Increase
in the Number of
Lactating Cows on the
basis of in-house
Breeding Capacity

Agricultural Equipment, Infrastructure
and Innovative Technologies

Rodina, OJSC

Rodina is a Productivity Leader in Russia
(With a Milk Yield of more than 10,000 litres per Cow, per Year).

— Construction of a new Dairy Farm is underway, with partial commissioning scheduled for Q3 2017.

Design work on a 3,000-head Mega-Farm is ongoing, with construction slated to as part of STEPPE Agroholding's Development Strategy.

The Farm has a European Certification enabling it to supply
milk to producers of dairy products
exported to the EU;
a testament to the outstanding quality of its milk.