LLC " Agroholding "STEPPE” Trading Company”
sells products of the enterprises of Agroholding "STEPPE",
which always differs by its high quality.


    Novoselskiy Alexey Viktorovich
General Director
of LLC " Agroholding "STEPPE” Trading Company”

Types of Products

Crop Farming

  • Cereals
    (wheat, barley, corn, peas, chickpeas);
  • Oil-bearing crops
    (large-fruited sunflower, oil sunflower, rape, flax, safflower, coriander);
  • Sugar beet

The favorable logistical location allows us to carry out deliveries of contracted products using all kinds of transport, including sea vessels: from the ports of Novorossiysk, Yeisk and Rostov-on-Don.

The STEPPE Trading Company is known as a first-class supplier on both foreign and Russian markets.

Evgeny Rusakov
Deputy CEO
for Crop Farming

+7 (863) 309-10-29 ext. 350

Fruit Growing

(Sady Kubani brand)

  • Apples ( Simirenko, Florina, Breburn, Grannie Smith, Red Chief, dessert and other ones).

+7 (863) 309-10-29

Vegetable Growing

(products of JSC Agrokombinat "Yuzhny")

  • cucumbers;
  • tomatos;
  • plum tomatos.

The Trading House has supply contracts
with the largest retail chains in Russia: X5 Retail Group, Magnit, Auchan, OKEY and others.

Purchase of cereals


    Oleshko Alexey
Deputy CEO
of Purchase of cereals Department

+7 (863) 309-10-29 (330)


    Ishchenko Sergey
Deputy General Director
of Foreign Trade Department

+7 (863) 309-10-29